Saturday, December 01, 2012

You've Got to be Kidding by John Capps and Donald Capps

You've Got to be Kidding! (How jokes can help you think), John Capps and Donald Capps.  New York: Wiley-Blackwell, 2009.  ebook 127 pps.

The two Capps-- father and son-- have written a thorough understandable book about critical thinking, philosophy, and identifying cognitive fallacies in arguments or discourses.  This is the book that I wish everyone on Twitter would read.  I enjoy a good discussion when all of the parties involved know how to keep on-topic and are able to illustrate their points without descending into "the gods said it" or "you're a smuck" kind of irrational discourse.  This is exactly why I like hanging around my fellow atheists.  Most of us know how to put together a rational defense when talking about current events or belief systems.  If I have to listen to one more "god of the gaps" rant, I think I shall scream.

The Capps divide the fallacies that they address into three logical categories: fallacies of relevance, evidence, and assumption.  They also talk about truth being objective, evidence versus proof, values, and the necessity of thinking.  Although much of this is available on some freethinker websites, the jokes add a flavor that also enables one to remember the fallacies they have chosen to address.

sapphoq reviews says: Yeah, I like this book.  Folks that like humor will find this book appealing.  The book is suitable to general audiences who wish to learn how to argue in a logical and rational manner.  Highly recommended.

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