Sunday, November 04, 2012

That's Not Logic! The eBook! by Eric Hedman

That's Not Logic! The eBook!: Critical Thinking in Cartoon Form, Eric Hedman.  El Segundo California: self published, 2011.   1 pg., ebook.

Eric Hedman does quite well with his second subtitle-- which is "Rudimentary Fallacies Illustrated"-- with this e-book.  That's Not Logic! The eBook! uses cartoons of a stick man named Jerry (who is wearing a bow tie), other stick people called collectively Dudes, Leonard the Lizardman, and a Disk to illustrate forty two common fallacies that people use to argue their points.  The cartoons are enjoyable, the captions are witty, and I understood each of the forty two fallacies.  The Lizardman was adorable.  The "1 pg." is misleading.  I've noticed that all comics and cartoons on my e-book are greatly reduced in pages in comparison to the same books in print.  No material is left out as far as I can tell and I have no explanation for why that is.  At any rate, the "1 pg." should not stop you from buying this e-book.  Not only is it cute and easy to understand, but it is a good way to teach logic to teens.  And it does not insult any particular group or organization in illustrating each fallacy.

sapphoq review says:  Leonard the Lizardman rocks and so does the Disk.  A definite winner.

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