Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Day My Mother Snapped by Jeff Graham

The Day My Mother Snapped, Jeff Graham.  No identifying data as to year or publisher, probably self-published.  e-book, 5 pages.

I was quite taken by The Day My Mother Snapped.  The young boy in the story is named Andrew and one day his mother goes bonkers.  She suddenly believes that he is an imposter of her young son Andrew.  She is diagnosed with Capgras Syndrome [also called Capgra's Delusion in a few places on the Internet].  There are consequences for the young boy as a result of his mother's illness.

sapphoq reviews says: To my knowledge, I've never met anyone with Capgras.  The websites that I looked up all reference Capgras occuring along with a primary disorder such as schizophrenia or brain damage.  Although the writing in The Day My Mother Snapped is not the work of a professional, I was startled by this short story.  I am looking forward to more by Jeff Graham.  Recommended. 

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