Monday, September 10, 2012

Your Next-Door Neighbor is a Dragon by Zack Parsons

Your Next-Door Neighbor is a Dragon: (A Guided Tour of the Internet's Strange Subcultures and Weird Realities), Zach Parsons.  New York: Kensington Publishing Corporation, 2009.  approx 272 pps.

Zach Parsons of has written a horrifying and humorous book.  Your Next-Door Neighbor is a Dragon deals with some of the Internet denizens that I've also encountered-- fake alarmist medical "doctors," Otherkin, and furries-- and a bunch that I haven't.  I found the fake alarmist medical "doctors" to be annoying, especially with their use of pseudo-science.  I've found the furries to be sweet-- even if some of them are hung up on yiffing.  And the Otherkin I've interacted with were all well-spoken and well-educated, unlike the ones in Parsons' book.  I'm glad that I haven't met the two Otherkin detailed in the book.

There was a rather adolescent Dragonkin in the book and an older fella who fancied himself as an elf.  Both claimed exceptional powers.  As is the case with many folks wanting to be special snowflakes, they both failed miserably when it came time to demonstrate their otherworldly powers that each of them had boasted about.

sapphoq reviews says: Parts of the book ran a bit slowly for me.  Nevertheless, Parsons' book produced quite a few belly laughs.  Recommended for all who like the something awful website.

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