Monday, February 27, 2012


Yes it's my creation.  Title: House of Cards.  Now go away copyright police.

As promised in my last review, here is a partial list of some sites that advocate for the right to use pseudonyms on the web and some reasons why folks choose to do so.  Read 'em and get an edumacation if you are one of those who have a knee-jerk reaction such as, "We'll all be kinder, gentler people if we use our real names on the Net" or "Why would anyone want to be pseudoanonymous?  They must be bad, trolls, criminals, or have something to hide.  If you are already in the know, you can read them anyways or skip on to other stuff.

sapphoq reviews continues in a heated vein: And I will say it again.  Deciding that people have to use their wallet names or the average-looking name that others "call you" on G+ or any other site is in my opinion, FAILBOAT.  Regardless of the intentions of any service, there are activists whose lives are in danger because of censorship.  Some of those activists may be using G+ as the platform that is still currently available in their country or via a proxy.  Although there are many activists and other seriously oppressed people on Twitter, not everyone has the ability or inclination to par their message down to 140 words.  When it comes to human rights violations, the idea is to get the message out to as broad an audience as possible.

I believe in my heart of hearts that all this hoopla over using our wallet names is so that Google's advertiser base can find us easier.,2817,2388640,00.asp,2817,2388626,00.asp

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