Saturday, November 14, 2009

DumbHeart, a Get Fuzzy collection, by Darby Conley

Dumb Heart, a Get Fuzzy collection, by Darby Conley.
Kansas City: Andrews McNeal Publishing L.L.C., 2009.
large paperback, 127 pps.

I love Get Fuzzy. The antics of Bucky the snarky cat, Satchel the lovable pooch, and their friends vs. Rob Wilco the human never fail to please me. This collection does not disappoint. Of special delight to me was the introduction of Satchel's new hosta and Bucky's new clothing line. The presence of weasels was unexpected and livened things up. The brief political banter between Satchel and Bucky left me lmao.

As an aside, I have problems reading other books with comic strips because of the layout and print use. I had no problems reading this one. (And never do).

sapphoq reviews says: Highly recommended.

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