Thursday, December 25, 2008

Harry and David

This year instead of rushing around madly finding presents for the adult members of my family, I ordered Harry and David stuff for them. Harry and David is a company that does expensive fruit and other goodies in baskets. I spent more money than I would have liked but saved time, energy, gas, and frustration associated with crowded malls. Although some Harry and David stores do exist in malls, they do not usually ship from the mall stores. For that, one needs the catalog and access to the internet or a telephone.

Last Friday I roused myself out of my indifference and attempted to get to the online version of Harry and David but was unable to for awhile. When I finally did get there, I found that correlating the catalog I'd gotten in the mail with the online products was exceedingly difficult-- probably due to my traumatic brain injury related processing difficulties. At any rate, I couldn't manage so I shelved the internet in favor of ordering by phone via a real live person.

The woman I got to on the phone was efficient and pleasant. My ordering was done within eight minutes. And everything got to the relatives on Christmas eve.

Ordering from Harry and David on the internet: recommended only for those who are neurologically intact.
Ordering from Harry and David via telephone: highly recommended for the rest of us.

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