Monday, October 27, 2008

Peter Kahrmann

Peter Kahrmann is an ex-cabbie from New York City with a traumatic brain injury. He was shot in the head and part of the bullet is still lodged in his brain. I have heard Peter speak several times at Best Practices and in a few other places. Most recently, a friend and I went to the Albany Public Library on Saturday to Peter's weekly and free workshop/support group.

Peter was running late. Friend and I went to a room up on the third floor. We were the first ones there. Shortly after, we were joined by another survivor and his helper. The helper went off to get someone to unlock the door. More folks drifted in-- survivors, professionals, helpers, and family members. Small talk and introductions were slow.

When Peter came into the room, the atmosphere instantly changed. People became animated and eager to talk. People hugged. Peter recited a creed which reminded us that we were in a place where all of us are equal (including the helpers and professionals) and free from judgment. We all went around and introduced ourselves.

Peter talked some about various areas of the brain and their functioning. I have read and heard similar material. The difference is that Peter furnished his information with easy-to-remember examples culled from the group itself. It was there that I learned that the reason why my "ability to multi-task has shit the bed and ain't coming back" (as the neuropsych from Sunnyview so eloquently expressed it a few years ago) is because of frontal lobe damage.

If any of you ever have a chance to venture into Albany New York on a Saturday, do go to the Public Library on Washington Avenue at 1 p.m. ish and mosey up to the third floor conference room. Do go visit his blogspot blog over at


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