Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Jesus Camp

Several nights ago i watched "Jesus Camp" on A&E teevee. I found it to be both enlightening and scary. The enlightening part-- President Bush's visit. The scary-- the idea that folks actually believe the things that the folks at Jesus Camp believe and that some of those folks are willing to act on those beliefs within the political structure of our society.

For those not easily offended by differing viewpoints, it is worth a look-see. I found the dancers with their military camo make-up to be interesting, the kid who got saved at the age of five to be memorable, the idea that any teacher would tell kids that if they "believe in creation" [rather than evolution] that they "are stupid" to be shameful and hopefully not accurate. I cannot agree with the news reporter who likened Jesus Camp to brainwashing. If that is brainwashing, then any religious instruction provided to children by their parents is brainwashing. [Actually I might give a nod to the last sentence, in spite of its' engagement in overgeneralization].

I'm glad the kids in the vid weren't shooting up heroin. I'm saddened that dominionism has come to be so accepted by so many who don't have a clear notion of all that it entails. I refer the reader to Wikipedia for the definition. There are several branches identified there-- hard Christian nationalism vs. soft Christian nationalism in particular as well as several influences.

Okay so I am somewhat of a nerd. Here I must confess to being interested in the idea that those within the Christian national movements do not refer to it as being dominionism. Since I am on the "wrong" [read: dechristianized bisexual pagan witch with atheistic leanings and a clear opposition to creationism/intelligent design being taught in science classrooms] side of these things, I may never know how the dominionists refer to themselves aside from the word "Christian." And I do wonder what ever happened to the notion that rock music is "of the devil." Times change I guess and so do ideas. European classical composers fought similar accusations way back when by composing music for kings and church services.

Yes, I am aware that not all Christians count themselves in with the Jesus Camp crowd and the Christian nationalists. For that I can only be extremely thankful.

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http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5745767401002835964 <--- Google video of "Jesus Camp" as shown on teevee without the commercials.


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