Friday, November 16, 2007


With the dieing deathship Yahell 360 sinking, many of my Yahoo buddies flocked to Multiply. I had never heard of Multiply before last month but I elected to add yet one more blogging site so I ccould keep in touch with those who were determined to move in to Multiply.

Multiply is free. If there are ads, I miss them totally because of my settings on my browser.

Adding a profile pic, adding other pics, inviting friends and blogging buddies, cross-posting to other sites such as livejournal, blogspot, and xanga are all handled in a straight-forward way. I also uploaded my yahoo 360 blog into Multiply and that went smoothly although it took a few minutes.

Theme styling is something else again-- neither straightforward like blogspot nor with the option to upload your own background sans CSS. Perhaps there is an option to upload backgrounds but I haven't found it yet. There is a choice of 12 themes and a link to a page of a user group which includes Multiply user-made themes. I really ought to learn some CSS. Oh well. Meanwhile, I am satisfied with my default theme since it is rather plain and makes for easy reading.

The guestbook on Multiply is reminiscent of MySpace with a sprawling long line of "huthas" and glittery things from friends. The place where one can see who posted what since the last visit is easy to use, intuitive, and certainly faster than yahoo's little layout. The profile has pics and vids and music as options that one can choose.

So far it is okay and more will be revealed in months to come.

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