Monday, June 04, 2007

Mr. Brooks and Shrek 3

A couple of nights ago, husband and I went to see the movie "Mr. Brooks" featuring William Hurt, Kevin Costner, and Meryl Streep. Kevin Costner is Mr. Brooks, a filthy rich business man with a rather bloody little secret. Marshall, his devious alter-ego played by William Hurt, steals the show. Meryl Streep, Mr. Brooks' wife did alright. His daughter however was just too cute and rather enjoyable as she mirrored my own relationship with my dad when I was younger-- although I was never that coy.

Mr. Brooks is driven by an addiction and goes to the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous-- identifying himself as "an addict"-- to try to escape it. That is only a very small part of the movie but it was the hook which prompted husband to want to go see the movie. Marshall loves the bad thing. He also offers brilliant insights into the workings of his fellow men.

There is one genuinely heart-racing scene involving a white van; and quite a few dramatic holding on to the edge of your psyche scenes. While the two people behind us appeared to dislike the movie and were too loud about it for my taste, husband and I enjoyed it.

Movie has mood music which some folks may not care for. Audiences who are not involved in 12-step programs and who prefer action, action, action would do better to spend their bucks elsewhere. Those of us who like psychological thrillers will enjoy.


A week ago, husband and I went to see Shrek 3. I concur with the real movie critics who say 3 was better than 2 but not as good as 1. The sneaky adult-level jokes are missing. The frog-king and the motley assortment of friends and defenders remain very very cool. Ani of course is awesome.

My favorite character remains the orange pussycat and the voice I most dislike remains Pinocchio. Arthur the high school student is introduced and I suspect there will be a Shrek 4. Husband and I will go see 4 I am sure, if only to categorize 4 on the scale of excellence to okay but...

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