Thursday, November 16, 2006

BLOGBURST 11/16/06

At first the BlogBurst site looked like a pretty good deal. Enter your url which then gets reviewed for quality and after acceptance, get a chance at having your blog seen by people and companies all over. I entered my url, was "accepted," asked to place a blogburst button on my blogsite, and then was taken to the Terms and Conditions page of Using their Service.

In exchange for their right to place advertising on my site and to advertise my site, I was to sign over worldwide royalty rights to my material forever. BlogBurst would suffer no obligation to pay me for any income generated to them for my stuff. Nope. I bailed out.

This review is a warning. BlogBurst sounds good. It isn't. Any writer who has been published regularly will tell you, "Don't sign away your worldwide royalty rights." Signing away First Serial Rights would be permissible but not the whole she-bang.

No thank-you BlogBurst. I will continue on my path of discovery and future syndication without your help.

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Jeremy Crow said...

I'm glad you have learned to read the fine print on these things ... It was why I originally got you and anyone else to start their own websites to blog ... Most of the "blog posting sites" have such amazingly deceptive rules, and the average blogger doesn't know that they could be more than just a web whiner some day ;-) JC