Sunday, September 24, 2006


Anonymizer offers free limited proxy services and a paid variation which includes blocking X-controls, spyware scanning, and digital shredding. After trying the freeware, I quickly converted to a paid account and I have never regretted it. Some may argue that I am excessive about the security of my computer since I also have Kapersky, SpyGuard, SpyBlaster, PopUpSmasher, C-Cleaner, G-Zapper, Ad-Aware Personal, Spybot, HiJack This and Sandboxie installed on the thing and I use them regularly. I don't care. I like my electronic privacy even if there are companies out there and a government hellbent on denying me the same. But I digress.

A couple of days ago, Anonymizer sent me a form letter about beta-testing their new anti-Spam protect your-personal-email-addy product and I agreed. Yahoo also offers the ability to create disposable e-mail addys but the Anonymizer service has more options. While Yahoo limits members to two a year, with the Anonymizer service, I can create upto 1000 disposable e-mail addys. Additionally, they integrate seamlessly with an e-mail account of my choosing. I have had no difficulty using the service with a POP3 access account and via my Incredimail client. AND, I can also invite friends to try it out and create accounts for them.

Way to go Anonymizer!!!
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