Saturday, August 12, 2006


Reporters Without Borders

sapphoq recently visited the Reporters Without Borders website and highly recommends that anyone interested in the issue of censorship do so. The news media in the Untied States does have its' critics who claim that the politics of the media companies paying journalists' salaries are reflected in what gets reported and how. sapphoq is at times one of those critics. How much worse to live in a country where internet access is severely restricted or where reporters are imprisoned [or murdered] for using a government-censored word or photograph!
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Below is an excerpt from Reporters Sans Frontiers ABOUT US english page:
More than a third of the world’s people live in countries where there is no press freedom. Reporters Without Borders works constantly to restore their right to be informed. Fourty-two media professionals lost their lives in 2003 for doing what they were paid to do — keeping us informed. Today, more than 130 journalists around the world are in prison simply for doing their job. In Nepal, Eritrea and China, they can spend years in jail just for using the "wrong" word or photo.
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Reporters sans frontières - Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents - Internet-censor world championship speaks about specific countries that are regarded as champions in the business of censoring what their citizens can view on the internet. China is at the top of the list. More can be found at .

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