Wednesday, July 12, 2006

va----ROOM-BA!!! 7/12/06

I did it! Yesterday I yielded to temptation and bought myself a ROOM-BA. ROOM-BA charges itself up and then wanders around vacuuming up dust, doghair, and whatnot. When ROOM-BA's bagless dirt compartment is full, ROOM-BA stops and waits for its' human to empty it. If ROOM-BA runs out of juice, it heads for its' dock and recharges.

I watched ROOM-BA for quite some time, absolutely fascinated by the little round machine that can and did leave my carpet free from dirt and yuck. The cats and dog-- much to my astonishment-- left ROOM-BA alone after a few curious glances. ROOM-BA steered itself around the living room, manuevering out of obstacles and gently whrr-ing as it went.

Emptying the bagless dirt compartment was a breeze. Filter compartment was also easy to clean out. The brushes were a bit trickier but infinitely more doable than the standard vac meets killer dog hair scenerio.

Highly recommended!

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