Saturday, February 25, 2006


The Travel Detective by Peter Greenburg, Villard Books (a division of Random House), New York, 2001. paperback. 395 pages including helpful websites and index.

Although [sapphoq is guessing] this book was written before 9/11, The Travel Detective includes many helpful hints on how to bargain in order to travel cheaply-- or at least cheaper than accepting the first price offered. Peter Greenberg writes in a simple clear refreshing style as he catalogues his adventures and misadventures dealing with getting "the best service and the best deals."

Especially useful are the websites and phone numbers that any traveler should have. Especially fun is his description of what phrases really mean.

From page 39, direct quotes all:

"Secluded hideaway": Impossible to find.
"Carefree natives": Terrible service.
"Warmed by the Gulf Stream": Cold.
"Cooled by the Humboldt Current": Hot.
"Old World charm": No bath.

Worth a read by anyone who aspires to be a traveler and not just a tourista.

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